The Diet

Here are the quick basics of the diet that we started following soon after reading the Anti-Cancer book.

  • no sugar
  • no dairy
  • no red meat, no processed meats (chicken, fish, and high quality eggs are ok – preferably organic meats and eggs). Try not to eat meat at every meal, keep meat portions small. Strive for more meat free days.
  • No packaged/processed/refined foods
  • lots of vegetables (organic) – especially leafy greens and others known for their cancer fighting properties e.g. cruciferous vegetables.  No white potatoes.
  • fruits (organic) – esp. berries, green apples, peaches/nectarines, lemon
  • lots of filtered water, water with lemon juice
  • little to no: coffee, alcohol
  • tea: green, rooibos, tulsi
  • dark chocolate as a treat (70%+)
  • try to reduce gluten as much as possible (eliminate white bread, heavily reduce other things like breads and pasta).
  • switch to basmati rice instead of long grain
  • eat good fats – avocado, nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, flax oil
  • cooking: olive oil for cold use, coconut oil for hot (there are some other healthful oils e.g. Avocado oils and some nut oils, but for everyday use these two are all you need).  Do not eat other oils such as canola oil, soybean oil, corn oil, “vegetable” oil, peanut oil, margarine, etc.

The goal is to not only reduce inflammation and detoxify the body, but also to alkalinize your system.  The standard american diet is very acidic, providing just the kind of environment where cancer and disease thrive.  Cancer can’t survive in an alkaline environment.  This is one reason green juicing is so good for you… It’s very alkaline, plus you get all the goodness and enzymes from the raw veggies. I used barley grass juice powder as an alternative to juicing at times when it wasn’t practical or we didn’t have time (1 glass, 2x per day) – barley grass juice is very alkaline.  (I personally use this brand: Just Barley – Organic Barley Juice Powder, yes it tastes like a freshly mowed lawn, but you get used to it.)   Also drinking water with fresh squeezed lemon is great for alkalizing.

More (plus supplements) coming soon!


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