In March 2012 my husband, at the age of 39, was diagnosed out of the blue with stage IV colon cancer and our lives changed in an instant.  In that moment we had to find a way to deal with a crisis the likes of which we have never faced before, not only for ourselves but also for our two children.

I met my husband when I was nineteen years old and we’ve been inseparable ever since.  The idea that I was not going to be able to grow old and wrinkly with this man whom I completely adored was inconceivable.  I was determined that I would do whatever was in my power to help my husband.  It turns out, that was a lot.

In the weeks of research that followed his diagnosis I learned an incredible amount about healing power of food, and other natural therapies.  I continue to learn more every day.  I want to share everything I’ve learned in hopes that someone out there can benefit from it, because I’m convinced that the dietary changes we made helped heal my husband and boost the effectiveness of his treatment.

My husband went from being told he was going to die of this disease to being deemed cancer free almost exactly one year later.  His recovery has amazed his team of doctors.  This blog will tell my story of this devastating, crazy, incredible past year, and onwards into life beyond cancer.

I welcome your comments and questions and will endeavor to respond in the best way I can.  Welcome to Cancer Wife Life!


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